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Used and Refurbished Dell Servers

STI offers new, used, and refurbished Dell PowerEdge servers that are high-performing, built to last, and customized to your exact specifications.
Refurbished Dell PowerEdge ServersRefurbished Dell PowerEdge Servers

Refurbished Dell servers can save you up to 50%

Refurbished Dell servers provide the same great-quality Dell hardware, built to your exact specifications, and can save you up to 50% of the cost of new systems. In addition to the cost benefits, buying refurbished Dell servers from STI means shorter lead times, rigorously tested components that are less likely to fail, and lower environmental impact.

Our refurbished servers meet the highest quality standards and operate like new–or better.

Our experienced technical sales team will work with you to create a customized solution. If you have unconventional configuration needs, we’ll validate compatibility before your purchase.

Because of the trust Dell has placed in us, STI is one of only a handful of companies worldwide to offer the full lineup of Dell support on our custom-built refurbished Dell servers.

We can build, configure, and ship refurbished servers in one to three business days. Our average quoting time is a few hours.

We pride ourselves on customer service, and are responsive, adaptable, and collaborative.

Warranty Options for Refurbished Dell Servers

We offer the highest-quality products, so you can buy with confidence. We are one of the only companies in the nation able to offer Dell-certified warranties on select servers, and our standard STI-certified warranty is available on all refurbished server models.

Types of Dell PowerEdge Servers

Refurbished Dell Rack Servers

Rack mount servers deliver exceptional performance and can handle a diverse set of workloads. They are designed to be installed in a rack that holds multiple servers, which makes them ideally suited for companies that want to scale or consolidate their existing data center infrastructure. STI offers new, used, and refurbished 1U, 2U, and 3U+ Dell rack servers–all of which boast a highly scalable architecture with robust computing, memory, IO, and GPU capabilities.

Popular Dell Rack Servers

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Refurbished Dell Tower Servers

Tower servers provide quiet, centralized processing in a compact space. Ideally suited for small businesses or remote office environments, tower servers are mobile and can fit underneath or on top of a desk, while still offering plenty of computing power. Since tower servers are not designed to neatly stack, they are less scalable than rack or modular servers.

Popular Dell Tower Servers

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Refurbished Dell Modular Servers

Modular servers, also called blades, can be vertically mounted to form a cluster within a single chassis enclosure. Modular servers can incorporate non-server computing components such as storage and networking into a single, scalable piece of hardware, making them ideal options for growing data center environments with staffing or operational constraints.

Popular Dell Modular Servers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for fully configured servers?
We can get you a fully configured refurbished Dell server within 3 business days–or even within 1 day in urgent situations.

How do you test refurbished Dell servers before shipping?
Every piece of hardware we work with is tested twice: once when it enters our warehouse, and again before we ship it out to a customer. We use the same rigorous testing equipment and processes as Dell.

Are your drives new or refurbished?
We proudly sell refurbished hard drives that have been rigorously tested and certified. We only stock drives that meet a minimum health criteria, including updated firmware and solid state drives with a 90% or better life.

What are your shipping options?
We ship FedEx for most orders, with UPS available upon request. If you are in the Kansas City area, we can waive the shipping fee and you can pick your server up from our Overland Park location, or we can hand-deliver it for free to KC Metro Area customers.