You know your customers trust you when they jump on a flight to your facility to pick up a server before they've spoken to you. But when your mission critical disaster recovery server is failing, heading immediately to someone you know you can count on is ….well the kind of disaster recovery move you make.

For this STI customer, the issue was further complicated. The need was not just a server replacement but a very specific Dell server configuration that could simply plug and play within their IT footprint.  The disaster recovery alarm had sounded shortly after midnight and after assessing the situation, the customer left instructions for a colleague as to what configuration was needed, booked a seat on the earliest flight from Ohio to STI’s Kansas City warehouse, and by 3 a.m. was headed to the airport.

Now That’s Counting on STI

The colleague found the configuration instructions and called STI around 8:00 a.m. explaining that configurations had to match perfectly and be plug and play ready for insertion into the Dell IT footprint later that afternoon. They also informed that the customer was scheduled to arrive at STI by 10 a.m.

STI mobilized immediately. Configuration, testing, packaging, etc., all focused on delivering on the immense trust the customer had placed in STI.  Fortunately, STI's large on-site inventory came through and the Dell Certified technician team was able to have the server packaged and ready, just as if the order had arrived days in advance.

Back to Ohio with Server in Tow

With server in tow, the customer returned to Kansas City International Airport and was back at the office in Ohio by 3 p.m. that day.  The failing disaster recovery system was replaced (plug and play worked flawlessly) and a huge exhale was heard around the net ops center.

From the sounding of the first alarm to a highly configured plug-and-play replacement, resolution was about a 15-hour turn. More importantly, the STI customer’s disaster recovery vulnerability was solved and the potential for crisis averted.

Create Your Success Story

While most customer engagements aren’t so urgent that our customers start traveling our way, the mere fact that they would speaks volumes to STI’s commitment and accountability.  We’d like to think this and similar stories show that when we say we are focused on becoming partners, not order takers, for each and every customer its more than just words – it's our way of doing business.  Visit or call 1-877-851-2260 today to learn more.