A Texas customer called STI with an urgent need to add servers to their Dell footprint. The customer had done their homework, researched options online and had a target cost in mind. 

Key considerations were:

  • The desire to match the current Dell server footprint.
  • The need to include room for future processor demand.
  • The need to resolve the capacity needed immediately to address internal latency challenges.

Having reviewed options, the conclusion was that to rapidly ramp up server capacity to match the desired configuration would cost about $40,000.  The customer had authorization in place and was ready to order when they called STI.


STI Expertise Goes to Work

Like every STI team member, the individual taking the call that day started the process by seeking to understand the need, not just the order. As they discussed the system requirements, the STI advisor quickly realized that some key considerations had been overlooked. Together, the two worked through the need and explored the viable options.

This review included running some basic diagnostics on the current footprint configuration, use and performance, a detailed review of the root cause of the current crisis and a more detailed evaluation of the customer's future growth needs.

The review led to STI recommending a configuration utilizing certified pre-owned Dell equipment which met all of the customer's specified needs, provided the same level of quality and peace of mind and was obtained at a much lower cost.


Adding up the Savings

With the new configuration, the customer’s urgent need was resolved through a $20,000 order, not the $40,000 originally expected and a new STI partnership was formed. While this first-time customer (and now self-proclaimed customer for life) was “amazed” by the approach and outcome, a long-time STI customer would likely just smile and say, “That's just business as usual when you're working with STI.”


Create Your Savings Story

While STI can’t promise final costs that are fifty-percent below expectation every time, it does promise an expert team that is focused on becoming your partner, not just an order taker.  Visit stikc.com or call 1-877-851-2260 today to learn more.