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Refurbished Dell Storage

Dell PowerVault MD3460

MD3 Series Storage Array | 4U Rack Mount

Refurbished Dell PowerVault MD3460Refurbished Dell PowerVault MD3460

The PowerVault MD3460 is part of Dell's MD3 Series of storage arrays. The Dell MD3 series introduces the next generation of affordable storage. Whether you need to consolidate your storage, support the demands of data intensive applications or optimize your virtual environments, the MD3 series has been designed to meet your growing business needs. The versatility of the MD3 series lets you decide the protocol, supports a wide range of drive types, and has many optional premium software features that you can add as you choose.

The MD3 family includes the high density enclosure with built in high performance tiering. If your industry is manufacturing, oil/gas, healthcare, or video surveillance, the MD3 has the high bandwidth that you need to manage your data. The high density enclosures take up less space than if you purchased the smaller form factor enclosures with an equal number of hard drives by using just 4U. With this smaller footprint comes the added benefit of saving on power and cooling expenses.

Dell PowerVault MD3 Storage Array Series
Technical Specifications
Drives/Form Factor:
MD3800f/MD3800i/MD3600f/MD3600i/MD3400/MD3200i/MD3200: 12/2U
MD3820f/MD3820i/MD3620f/MD3620i/MD3420/MD3220i/MD3220: 24/2U
MD3860f/MD3860i/MD3660f/MD3660i/MD3460/MD3260i/MD3260/MD3060e: 60/4U
Drive Types:
SAS, NL-SAS and SSD drives
3.5" Drive Options:
15K RPM SAS: 300GB and 600GB
7.2K RPM NL-SAS: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB
SSDs: 200GB and 400GB; read-intensive SSDs: 800GB and 1.6TB (available with 3.5” HDD carriers)
2.5" Drive Options:
15K RPM SAS: 146GB and 300GB
10K RPM SAS: 300GB, 600GB, 900GB and 1.2TB
7.2K RPM NL-SAS: 500GB and 1TB
SSDs: 200GB and 400GB; read-intensive SSDs: 800GB and 1.6TB
Expansion Capabilities:
Up to 192 drives using MD1200 and/or MD1220 expansion enclosures: MD3820f/MD3800f/MD3820i/MD3800i/MD3620f/MD3600f/MD3620i/MD3600i/ MD3420/MD3400/MD3220i/MD3220/MD3200i/MD3200
Up to 180 drives using MD3060e dense enclosures: MD3860f/MD3860i/MD3660f/MD3660i/MD3460/MD3260i/MD3260
Connection / Connectivity:
- MD32x0: 6Gb SAS; MD34x0: 12Gb SAS

Single controller: Supports up to 4 servers directly connected; Dual controller; Supports up to 8 servers directly connected in a non-HA configuration or 4 servers in a HA configuration

MD3 Fibre Channel:
- MD36x0f: 8Gb FC; MD38x0f: 16Gb FC

Single or dual controllers support up to 644 servers on the 12 HDD and 24 HDD 2U arrays. Dual controllers on the dense 60 HDD, 4U array Single controller: 2GB cache5 Dual controller: 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB cache
RAID Levels:
Support for RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 6; Up to 180/1923 physical disks per group in RAID 0, 1, 10;
Up to 30 physical disks per group in RAID 5, 6; Up to 512 virtual disks; DDP6
Dynamic Disk Pools:
DDP available on all models, can be used with or without RAID
OS Support:
Microsoft® Windows®, VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, Citrix® XenServer®, Red Hat® and SUSE®
Optional Premium Features:
Snapshots: Up to 128 snapshots per virtual disk and 512 per system (optional on all models)
Snapshots plus VDC: 511 VDCs in sum but maximum 8 simultaneous VDCs on the array (optional on all models)
HPT: Standard on MD3860f, MD3860i, MD3460, MD3660f, MD3660i, MD3260i, MD3260
Remote Replication: A-synchronous remote replication over common IP networks and with Fibre Channel interconnects
Array Management: Modular Disk Storage Manager
Physical Dimensions:
Height x width x depth:
MD3800f/MD3800i/MD3600f/MD3600i/MD3400/MD3200i/MD3200: 8.68cm (3.42”) x 44.63cm (17.57”) x 56.1cm (22.09”)
MD3820f/MD3820i/MD3620f/MD3620i/MD3420/MD3220i/MD3220: 8.68cm (3.42”) x 44.63cm (17.57”) x 50.8 (20”)
MD3860f/MD3860i/MD3660f/MD3660i/MD3460/MD3260i/MD3260/MD3060e: 17.78cm (7.0”) x 48.26cm (19.0”) x 82.55cm (32.5”)

Maximum Weight:

MD3800f/MD3800i/MD3600f/MD3600i/MD3400/MD3200i/MD3200: 29.3kg (64.59 lb)
MD3820f/MD3820i/MD3620f/MD3620i/MD3420/MD3220i/MD3220: 24.2kg (53.35 lb)
MD3860f/MD3860i/MD3660f/MD3660i/MD3460/MD3260i/MD3260/MD3060e: 105.24kg (232 lb)


MD3 2U versions support Dell ReadyRails™ II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks
Wattage: MD3 2U versions support DC power supply
MD3 2U models — AC: 600W peak output; DC: 700W
MD3 dense models — AC: 1755W
Heat Dissipation (max):
MD3 2U models: 2047 BTU/hr — MD3 dense models: 5988 BTU/hr
MD3 2U models: 100 to 240 VAC; 48V DC — MD3 dense models: 220V AC, auto ranging
Frequency range:
Operating: 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F) with a maximum temperature gradation of 10°C per hour
MD3 2U models support Fresh Air cooling, up to 35°C
Relative Humidity:
Operating: 20% to 80% (non-condensing) with a maximum humidity gradation of 10% per hour
MD3 2U models: Operating: -16 to 3048 m (-50 to 10,000 ft)
NOTE: For altitudes above 2950 feet, the maximum operating temperature is derated 1°F/550 ft
MD3 dense models: Operating: -30.5m to 3000m (-100 ft to 9,840 ft)
NOTE: For altitudes above 2950 ft, the maximum operating temperature is derated 1.8°F/1000 ft

More information can be found on the official Dell PowerVault MD3 Storage Array Data Sheet PDF.

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PowerVault MD3460