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Dell PowerVault MD3200i 12-Port (Configurable)

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Configure Your Dell PowerVault MD3200i 12-Port (Configurable)
1 x Dell PowerVault MD3200i Chassis

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Dell PowerVault MD3220i Chassis w/Dual Raid Controllers (Configurable)
Dell PowerVault MD3200i 12-Port (Configurable)

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    The Dell PowerVault MD3220i is a next-generation Ethernet-based array designed for exceptional performance and flexibility for storage consolidation, with system scalability for unexpected business demands, optional data protection features for added security and optional high-performance tier firmware upgrade for enhanced performance. With the PowerVault MD3220i you can mix and match drives to create a tiered-storage environment that can scale up as you grow, supporting a base configuration of 120 hard drives, with an optional upgrade up to 192 hard drives. Reduce the effort required to store and manage your data. The PowerVault MD3220i raises the bar for performance, flexibility and scalability.

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