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Dell PowerEdge T630 16-Port Tower Server (Configurable)

Looking for a custom-built solution? Customize your PowerEdge T630 server today!

An enterprise-class, 2-socket tower server, the Dell PowerEdge T630 emphasizes high performance and high availability with built-in room for growth. The extensive memory (1.5TB), large local storage capacity, and I/O flexibility in the PowerEdge T630 make it an attractive platform for server consolidation projects. The T630 features allow you to achieve space savings, utilize your IT administrator's time more efficiently and minimize potential software licensing fees. The T630 is a flexible server with excellent energy efficiency and acoustical performance, allowing it to be placed into quiet office settings, like remote branches and open office environments.

Helpful features include:

  • Next Generation I/O - Expand your application's options with integrated PCIe Gen3-capable expansion slots. With twice the interconnect bandwidth (8Gbps) as the previous generation, PCIe 3.0 enables more effective data center solutions, such as GPU processing acceleration, networking and power management.
  • Flexible deployment - With budget-friendly energy efficiency and excellent acoustical performance, perfect for offices or when your data center requirements start to grow, the T630 can be rack mounted.
  • Critically Acclaimed - PC Mag rates it "The Business Choice for servers." With excellent editors rating, as well as receiving the Gold Award – 2015 CRN Annual Report Card.
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