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Dell PowerEdge R520 8-Port 3.5" (Configurable)

Looking for a custom-built solution? Customize your PowerEdge 520 server today!

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The Dell PowerEdge R520 is a 2-socket, 2U rack-mount server offering an excellent balance of processing power, storage capacity, and redundancy. The R520's price per performance, configuration flexibility, and headroom for growth make it highly appealing for consolidation and virtualization, web hosting, for use as a medium-size mail server, or as a general-purpose server. Tailor your system with up to eight internal drives, four PCI Express (PCIe) expansion slots and either hardware or software RAID options for data protection so you can leverage the PowerEdge R520's scalable design and wide array of reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features to help fuel your business growth.

Helpful features include:

  • Extensive Performance - The high-density R520 design features up to 12 DIMMs to support both consolidated and virtualized environments.
  • Scalable Storage Density - Put the balanced computing and scalable high-capacity storage of the PowerEdge R520 to work for you in a wide range of mainstream as well as data-intensive small-to-midsize business applications:
    • Departmental email
    • Remote and branch office workgroup collaboration
    • File and print
    • ecommerce
    • Web Hosting
    • Database Server
    • Small-scale consolidation and virtualization
  • Unmatched Server Reliability - Numerous options exist within the R520 features that help ensure fast, highly available service:
    • Platinum-efficiency
    • hot-swap redundant power supplies
    • Fault-tolerant fans
    • Dual SD cards for failsafe virtualization with redundant hypervisors
    • Switch-independent partitioning
    • Hot-swap storage
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