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Dell PowerEdge M710HD Blade Server (Configurable)

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The Dell PowerEdge M710HD is a data center virtualization-optimized blade, that is best-in-class 11th Generation. Offering excellent IO throughput, maximized memory density, and robust optional Intel® Xeon® 5600 processing power, all in an ultra-dense form factor with enterprise class high availability. The M710HD is the first Dell M-Series server with a flexible network daughter card (NDC) designed to allow for future integrated connectivity options.

Helpful features include:

  • Expanded addressable memory in the PowerEdge M710HD allows you to utilize more virtual machines from your existing hypervisor licensing.
  • Flexible and robust IO deployment is achievable through multiple iSCSI, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand options with additional future integrated network connectivity through the network daughter card (NDC).
  • Optimized airflow design coupled with high-efficiency fans and power supplies enable the Dell M1000e blade enclosure to effectively power and cool PowerEdge M710HD servers while helping to reduce overall power draw.
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